Kilian. Photography - a selected journey through my work

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a selected journey through my work.

Please Fashion

A day in the industry for the fashion brand Please.

Models: Brenda & Inga

M&H: Linda Knapp


A day in a car park for the fashion brand Imperial.

Models: Nadine, Hülya und Mark.

M&H: Linda Knapp


A fun day with a couple of bartenders, some boxing and some cooking.

Sponsored by Jameson.

Muli Art

Ani’s art is deeply emotional and breathtaking. Just like herself.

If you ever get a chance to buy a Muli, take it.


My Shoot with the brillant Marcel.

Supermodel and super-human-being.


This man is not just an artist. I consider him art.

Everything he does, the way he interacts with people and his environment.

It’s beautiful. Just like these Skateboards he painted.

Edy Rameyanto aka Rame.


La Fama Clothing

Models: Amani & Lucy



A fun day in Hamburg with Söhnke.


A fun and fruitful hour with the talented actress Pia Stutzenstein.



This man is quite talented. And gorgeous. Meet Flo Wünsche.



Lucy isn’t just beautiful, she also knows how to draw.

You can see her work here.